You are the key

Our Youth

Our sole reason for being is to help young people get the support they need to reignite their spark for life. We would not exist if you did not need our help. Here's hoping we go out of business! 

Our Volunteers

Our passionate professionals make the world go round. Their dedication to helping young people find and explore their spark, their reason for living, is what makes us special.  

Our Supporters

We could not reach out to our youth or train our passionate professional if you did not help us through your generous donations and support.  Our community cares and they    show it! 

Our Board

Kimberly Couthier

Kimberly Clouthier serves as President and is a corporate futures strategist and sculptor. Kimberly has had personal experience with isolation and loss in her youth and wishes to help young people find ways to make meaningful connections that give them  reasons to thrive.

Bob Moran

 Bob Moran serves as Vice President. He curates the Discovery Shed and voluntarily delivers S.T.E.M. programs through CSIRO to young people. He has dedicated many years to igniting the spark of purpose, creativity and inspiration in Australian youth.

Barbara Meister

Barbara Meister serves as Treasurer,  is a senior executive, Transformation and change agent. She is also a Skydiving World and Australian Record holder. She recognises the power of purpose and the responsibility that large corporations have to contribute and invest back in the community. 

Scott Moran

Scott Moran is our Volunteer/Recruitment Coordinator. He has been working with Lifeline for over a decade and also teaches and practices  meditation. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and lived experience regarding suicide, youth  assessment and training, and a lifelong dedication to mindfulness  to the  Spark team. 

Sandrine Levallois

Sandrine Levallois is responsible for our Marketing and Promotion Deliverables. She is an experienced artist with many group and solo exhibition to her credit. She is also a graphic designer and has taught art to  young people throughout the Northern Beaches. She wants to give our youth a reason to be self-confident and happy. 

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