Share the S.P.A.R.K.

Empowering youth to make life affirming choices.

What We Do

SPARK is a charity focused on helping youth find the SPARK that leads towards a fulfilling life. We recognise that young people today are under increasing amounts of pressure and stress from many different sources. In these circumstances it is easier to lose your SPARK for life. We provide young people an opportunity to interact for a day, week, month or longer with all types of passionate professionals who love what they are doing and want to share their SPARK.

All our micro-mentoring programs are free of charge.


How we Help

We match youth to professionals

Using our database of volunteers, we match interested young people up with professionals who want to share their knowledge and passion for life.  

Take the first step

Head to the 'Get involved' page to sign up using the forms provided. We will add you to our database and then send you an information pack and let you know what opportunities match your needs. 

Time commitment

The amount of time you spend is entirely up to you. You can participate only once for a few hours or you can make it a weekly routine. 


The first step to finding a sponsor is meeting up.  If the professional and the young person decide they want to learn more together it can expand into a longer relationship. 


SPARK provides screening and training programs, conversation guides and questionnaires to help passionate professionals navigate the introduction and learning process. 


Young people have the opportunity to gain inspiration from multiple occupations in a real life setting, and professionals gain insight and viewpoints from the next generation. 

Your mentor, your choice

Our young people are offered a wide variety of passionate professionals to ignite their spark for life. They can choose which one they want to work with or they can interact with many different professionals. We will even do our best to recruit professionals in the field of your choice if we do not have it represented already. 

You are the key

Our Youth


Our sole reason for being is to help young people get the support they need to reignite their spark for life. We would not exist if you did not need our help. Here's hoping we go out of business! 

Our Volunteers


Our passionate professionals make the world go round. Their dedication to helping young people find and explore their spark, their reason for living, is what makes us special.  

Our Supporters


We could not reach out to our youth or train our passionate professionals if you did not help us through your generous donations and support.  Our community cares and they show it! 

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